What is YouEscape?

YouEscape is an Online Live Escape Room that's been captivating escapers since its inception in 2018.

• Connect to a Zoom call
• Speak to the Gamemaster and interact with the live puzzles you see on camera
• Use additional clues like images, videos and mini-games to solve all the puzzles

Escaped YouEscape

They’ve outsmarted us once, twice or even 19 times!

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What our players and our Patreon subscribers say

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YouEscape is a tour de force SLC16

YouEscape is a degustation menu of puzzle mechanics, escape conditions, and all the weird and wonderful things you can do on the internet. Don't be fooled by the simple setup (a tabletop and a Google Drive). That only means that Nick, who is as fantastic a gamemaster as he is a game designer, has nothing to dazzle you with except his puzzles, which are as clever as they are beautiful. I cannot recommend YouEscape enough!

Highly, highly recommend. JAMESCOBALT

YouEscape provides a series of low-budget but highly creative challenges you solve in typical escape room fashion - albeit remotely. This is the first remote escape game company I'm aware of, and they've created a format that is appropriate for their medium, rather than trying to adapt an existing full-sized escape room for remote play. Each game has a fixed price, whether you're one or four players, and you don't have to be in the same location. I have friends on opposite sides of the world who play together. Highly, highly recommend.

Great host with clever puzzles TRACEYBTC

I've been doing YouEscape games with a group of 4 friends for well over a year. We are actually currently waiting on a new puzzle to come out because we've completed all the existing ones! I was skeptical about how fun it would be to solve puzzles on someone else's desk over video chat, but have been continuously impressed. Nick has creatively integrated the physical world, which he controls at your direction, with curiosities of the internet, to give you a solid hour plus of virtual puzzle-solving fun. As a host he remains an impartial observer, providing hints when requested but otherwise allows your team to talk through theories uninterrupted. I only wish there was a second camera on his face so we could observe his true reactions to all our crazy wrong solutions. Perhaps an idea for a YouEscape reality TV show?

YouEscape is in a league of its own - don't miss this one! EDSILVERSTONE

I've done the first three YouEscape rooms so far, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the fourth. Tied together with an intriguing narrative, the puzzles push outside the normal boundaries of escape room "rules" without ever becoming unfair or impenetrable. The designer has taken advantage of the format to tread new ground, with puzzles using practical science effects, interactive websites, audio elements, etc. The host is friendly and a great communicator, and very good at adapting hints to help unstick us when needed without spoiling the puzzles. I heartily recommend this one!


YouEscape is an AMAZING series of online escape rooms!!!! My two friends and I started doing these escape rooms during COVID lockdown-- and found it to be a RIVETING experience that allowed us to connect over a wonderful shared activity!!!! Honestly, the monthly subscription is an incredible deal-- we all really look forward to the escape room every month!!! The rooms are incredibly fun, and the puzzles are exciting and complicated. I've spent many an hour reminiscing with my teammates about some of the especially excellent puzzles from these rooms and the wonderful way that Nick incorporates technology and cool websites and games into the escape room. The puzzles are great-- and Nick is such a PHENOMENAL game master!!! He is wonderfully kind and engaging, and is super encouraging as well!!!!! YouEscape is wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Super fun hour of entertainment! RHTORREY

We had a blast doing YouEscape! Five of us (in three different time zones) jumped the Zoom and managed to escape while having so much fun. Beth was a great host and the puzzles were challenging (as escape room novices) but kept us engaged and laughing and we each felt like we were able to contribute. I work with high schoolers and had previously sent five groups of my students to this escape room and they all gave it rave reviews so I wanted to try it for myself!